Star Enterprise plaqueLast Update: 2007-02-04


A windows based program to update your dynamic host adress at
Observe you will need access to a public http server for the php script that determines your global IP.


Unpack to a directory of your choice. Put a link to updatedhs.exe in the autorun directory in the startmenu, or put the path in [HKLM-Software-Microsoft-Windows-Current version-Run] to make it start with windows.
Upon first run it will create a key in HKLM-Software called StarEnterprise, where all settings are stored.
To uninstall remove the autostart link and delete the HKLM-Software-StarEnterprise key. Delete the folder where you unpacked

Setting up:

Right click the IP-icon in System notification area
(popularly called systray), select "Setup".
Account login username for the server
Password for the above login account
Dynamic hostname on the form: or
Global IP server the webserver where you have put your get_ip.php,
do not insert a trailing slash or any path here and omit http://
Global IP page /path_to_file/get_ip.php


Windows 2k/NT compiled, unpack to folder of your own choice

Note: This software is free of charge for anyone, but the author will not be held responsible for any problems that wrongful use of this software might produce.

Ideas for small utilities, commandline or gui-based, please contact: