Star Enterprise plaqueLast Update: 2007-02-04


A small and handy utility to rename multiple files in one directory.


renamer <directory> <old-match> <new-mold>
old-match and new-mold is written on the form: [object]+
  where [object] is one of the following:
string can be any alpha-numerical string that you can use for filenames.
do not use: %, *, ?
%0 - %9 Numbered variables, to be able to move substrings around
* Kleene star used as in standard command-line syntax
There has to be more stars in the old_match than in the new_mold, they will match in order of appearance.
? Single character, as a Kleene star but will mathch one and only one character


renamer . "%1 - %2.html" "%2 - %1.html"
 will rename the file "666 - the_beast_number.html" to "the_beast_number - 666.html"
 but will leave the file "666-the_beast_number.html" with no change since it can not match " - " with anything.
renamer . "*_*" "* *"
 will exchange the first "_" to a blankspace " "
 subsequent calls to this will render all files spaced.
renamer . "?*.mp3" "*.mp3"
 Will remove the first character in every .mp3 file in this directory.


Windows 2k/NT compiled, unpack to %SYSTEM% dir for easy access.
lunix source, compile and copy to global accessibly dir of your choice. make to compile. Using ansi-c so should work under BeOS, and most other OSs.

Note: This software is free of charge for anyone, but the author will not be held responsible for any problems that wrongful use of this software might produce.

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