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Howto install Setpoint 3.15bt on windows 2000

So here's the bitch, Logitech updates their Setpoint drivers for DiNovo Media Desktop Laser every now and then. But they refuse to support windows 2000.
Don't worry, it works just fine under 2000 as well. It just refuses to install on earlier os's than XP.

Here's what to do...

  1. Download the latest driver from Logitech's website.
  2. Go into your profile folder. Usually "c:\Documents and settings\%USERNAME%\Local settings\Temp" or "%TEMP%" folder
  3. Delete all files. Don't worry if a file doesn't delete, the important thing is really to delete the folders in there.
  4. Run the downloaded setup file for Setpoint.
  5. Now it will extract all the installation files into the Temp folder. You should be getting some extra directories in there now. Don't close the Installation just yet, we need to copy the files first.
  6. COPY the folder containing the Setpoint files, hint; it contains some folder named "1-Setpoint", "2-Updater" et.c. To another location, don't just drag and drop, cause that might try to move the files. Right-click and hold down and drag, select "Copy" on release of the mouse button.
  7. When it has finished copying the files you should go ahead and close the Installation window that prompts you that your os is not supported.
  8. Now go into the folder where you copied the installation files...
    Find the folder named 1-Setpoint and open that.
  9. Open up the file named "Setup.ini", if you don't see extentions it's the one that looks like a textfile, with a yellow cog-wheel on it and is named "Setup".
  10. Look for a line that says CmdLine=WINXP,_BLUETOOTH...
    Add "WIN2K," just before WINXP
    My Setup.ini now has this line; "CmdLine=OS=WIN2K,WINXP,_BLUETOOTH, HID=C70A,C70C"
  11. Close the file and save upon exit.
  12. Now run "Setup.exe" inside the "1-Setpoint" folder. The one in the folder above also needs to have the "config.ini" file hacked. But running that installation will only let you go through a guide and will not install anything when it should, It will only ask you to restart your computer.
  13. This should now work just fine...
    The installation does not however seem to update the Widcomm stack, if you allready have Setpoint and the widcomm stackk allready installed. So to update with the latest Widcomm stack you need to first deinstall any old Logitech Setpoint and WIDCOMM stack.

Note: These instructions is free of charge for anyone, but the author will not be held responsible for any problems that wrongful use of this might produce.

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